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cyber marketing scare tactics

Marketing Cyber Security Solutions without Using Scare Tactics

The easiest and perhaps most effective way of convincing customers they need to buy and use a cyber security solution is by showing the terrifying consequences of not implementing cyber defenses. Data breaches, leaked personal information, exposure to customers’ sensitive records are the obvious results of vulnerable networks. Loss of funds, reputation, business, stability and customer trust are the long-term effects of cyber-attacks. Continue Reading

Cyber security marketing

Cyber Security Marketing by Marketers for Marketers

Marketing isn’t easy. You can have strong leads, appealing social media, enlightening content and must-attend events, and still not captivate everyone in your target audience.

Now try to market cybersecurity. Just about every person and business uses electronic devices, so protecting their technology from attacks and data breaches is undoubtedly a top priority. But with a seemingly endless list of cybersecurity technologies, vendors and strategies, it’s no wonder many don’t know where to turn, let alone trust a singular source for best practices.

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