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Cyber Security Marketing
77 Cybercrime facts

77 FACTS ABOUT CYBER CRIMES ONE SHOULD KNOW IN 2018 (INFOGRAPHIC) For six years now, data breaches of healthcare-related data have been increasing rapidly. This trend reflects the growing interest which cybercriminals have in the healthcare industry and the data to be found in healthcare organizations. In fact, stolen medical data can be used in […]

attribution in cybersecurity

Attribution: Does It Really Matter? Unlike the movies, hackers typically don’t infiltrate businesses and steal intellectual property while sitting in their mother’s basement. Instead, they launch attacks from devices in organizations they’ve already infiltrated. They use these infiltrated sites to make multiple “hops” before arriving at their objective to obfuscate their location. These hackers use […]

Network security

Network Security vs. Endpoint: Which One Is Right For Your Business? Every week,  95% of network threat alerts are ignored worldwide, leaving behind an average of 16,232 threats that go unchecked. Most of these are unwanted and irrelevant alerts, but what about the vital ones that go unnoticed? Should you block these threats using network […]

Proactive threat hunting approach

Threat Hunting: When You Can’t Sit Back and Wait Do you ever sit at your desk and wonder when the next attack on your network will occur? Maybe you have an automated system that sends you alerts, but you get so many false positives, you feel like you’re starting to drown in the irrelevant data. […]

Email cyber security marketing

4 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL CYBERSECURITY EMAIL MARKETING Cybersecurity professionals are by nature a cautious group who spend their days trying to figure out what types of tricks the attackers will attempt next. Some even try to teach employees in their organization good practices like not clicking on emails from people they don’t know.  Enter the […]

marketing data from AWS

Marketing Lessons from the Amazon S3 Web Services Outage Twitter was full of burns directed at Amazon Web Services (AWS) about a week ago, as the company struggled to get its S3 web-based storage service back online.  Among the sage advice dispensed by users were suggestions to “just plug it back in” or, “turn it […]


GREAT CONTENT JUST ISN’T ENOUGH: HOW DESIGN PLAYS A CRITICAL ROLE IN INCREASING READERSHIP FOR A CYBERSECURITY AUDIENCE In the marketing world, “done is better than good” is a phrase that comes up quite a bit. The idea is that marketing itself is a quantity-based industry, not necessarily a quality-based industry, and that the time it takes […]

Lead Generation Tips for CyberSecurity Companies

Lead Generation Tips for CyberSecurity Companies While most companies today already use some form of online lead generation, how they do so is frequently evolving. If cybersecurity businesses want to keep up with the times, it becomes important to periodically evaluate the current lead generation strategy and see if there are better opportunities out there. […]

cybersecurity content

THREE REASONS YOUR CYBER SECURITY CONTENT ISN’T DRIVING CONVERSIONS You’ve heard about how important content marketing is. You’ve implemented several different marketing strategies by now but haven’t seen any significant results. Now you’re starting to wonder, “What is the big deal about content, it doesn’t drive conversions at all!” Don’t go there yet. Because content […]

tips for cybermarketing on reddit

AVOIDING THE PICARD FACEPALM GIF: HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE REDDIT FOR CYBERSECURITY MARKETING For many marketers, targeting Reddit is a no-brainer. It’s the 3th most popular website in the United States and gets a reported 430+ million users per month – a massive audience in rabid search of new content to consume. “For cybersecurity marketing […]

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