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Wars are no longer fought on the battlefield. Wars are now fought in cyberspace.

They are fought from behind computers, with keyboards as the weapons and sensitive information as the casualties. The dangers of hacking may have come into greater prominence after the United States presidential election, but the growing need for better cybersecurity has been growing even more apparent for years, with major organizations on the receiving end of attacks, including Yahoo! (now Altaba), Oracle, Sony, Anthem and JP Morgan Chase.

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Cyber Security Leadership

How to Establish Cyber Security Thought Leadership

Marketing is often about making a splash. The best material sets itself apart with thought-provoking ideas, sensational visuals and language that tells a story. But setting a cybersecurity firm apart from others requires a careful balance of promotion, conversation and brand formation.

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cyber security statistics

Top Cybersecurity Statistics for 2016

One of the best tactics to take advantage of when marketing any subject, especially cybersecurity, is research and the use of statistics. Cybersecurity statistics in the form of facts, surveys, majority or minority opinions and overall feelings about an industry strengthen the points and insight you’re trying to underline in your marketing efforts.

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Cybersecurity Marketing Specs or Value

Cybersecurity Marketing: Specs or Value?

When marketing to prospective customers of a cybersecurity solution, there are often two distinct audiences: those who know the technical aspects of cybersecurity and those who don’t. It is common to sell to both groups, so to find the right marketing strategy you must take into consideration the way both groups intake information and understand what they find important. Continue Reading

cyber marketing

Marketing Cybersecurity in a Saturated Landscape

Technology is undoubtedly a force in the world. It helps daily life and has integrated so much into our routines that we can’t imagine life without it. It has also divided the powers between those looking to commit cyber-crimes and those who hope to protect the digital environment. Continue Reading

Create Your Cybersecurity Elevator Pitch

Crafting Your Cybersecurity Elevator Pitch

Good marketing for cybersecurity products and services is a fine balancing act. Security companies need to show prospective customers why security solutions are essential to the longevity of their business ventures. This needs to be done without coming off as pushy or telling tall tales. And often, it must be accomplished at a face-to-face touch point, within seconds or minutes.

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cyber marketing scare tactics

Marketing Cyber Security Solutions without Using Scare Tactics

The easiest and perhaps most effective way of convincing customers they need to buy and use a cyber security solution is by showing the terrifying consequences of not implementing cyber defenses. Data breaches, leaked personal information, exposure to customers’ sensitive records are the obvious results of vulnerable networks. Loss of funds, reputation, business, stability and customer trust are the long-term effects of cyber-attacks. Continue Reading

Cyber Security is a Problem

Cyber Security is No Longer (Just) a CTO Problem

At the advent of the information technology industry, companies of all types began employing IT teams to take care of technology and digital data concerns. Soon, many executives realized they also needed someone to lead their IT teams and be the authority to make all technology decisions. That’s how the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) was born. Continue Reading

Cyber Security Marketing for Marketers

Cyber Security Marketing by Marketers for Marketers

Marketing isn’t easy. You can have strong leads, appealing social media, enlightening content and must-attend events, and still not captivate everyone in your target audience.

Now try to market cybersecurity. Just about every person and business uses electronic devices, so protecting their technology from attacks and data breaches is undoubtedly a top priority. But with a seemingly endless list of cybersecurity technologies, vendors and strategies, it’s no wonder many don’t know where to turn, let alone trust a singular source for best practices.

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